Server move & Xenforo
Okay, so you're probably wondering, "What the hell just happened? Why is the site all messed up?" Or you've probably been wondering that for the past 4 years.

Well, the other day we moved the site from an outdated server to a newer, "better," server. However, I had to backup the site and republish it. I ran into a few problems with this. The backup of our MySQL database wouldn't import into the new one. I had to manually copy the SQL code and input it, not into our server, but my localhost (xampp installation). Then I had to export the specific databases from my own localhost and import it into PTH's database. Not only that, but for the forums, I had to do it piece by piece in little chunks. When I tried to submit a 189,000 line SQL query, the tab (for *some* reason[/sarcasm]) crashed. And most of it was our sb logs that Noone ever sees. It's all still there, but we're going to have to use a different sb with Xenforo anyway.

Now things are (for the most part) back and "running." However, the forums are not. But that's okay. The reason we did this server move is so we could be on a server that can run Xenforo. And surprise, surprise! I got Xenforo. I was originally planning on waiting until I had a basic layout to move from our current vB installation to Xenforo, but it seems that our current vB installation doesn't work on this server (outdated PHP). Right now I'm working on setting up Xenforo and migrating all of our stuff over, but it will take a little while so bear with me™.

Now that we have Xenforo, things will start picking up around here. It'll be slow at first, but it'll happen. Thanks for everything, you guys. I'll see you on the forums soon™.
DekuLink on December 11, 2012 in PTH
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